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The Havelock Flying club held its first meeting on January 28th,1967
The meeting was a proposal to organize a club.
The vote was unanimous and thus began the foundation of todays club. The land was purchased from the department of transport as The landing strip had been used as a emergency landing strip during the war.
The same runway is being used today
2850' NW runway 29 SE runway 11.
Havelock Unicom frequency is 123.2

It's thanks to these three men that we have our Havelock Flying Club today
Delbert Alward , Roy Alward and Ron Hicks a short while later Sterling Goddard
and Angus Mcknight joined and have been very instrumental in it's growth.
Delbert Alward is President of the club today, Peter Haines Secretary and Sterling Goddard is treasurer
a position he has held for over 30 years and needs to be commended for.
The directors are Bob Forsythe, Roy Collins and Gene Melanson.
These men along with many other members of the club
strive to keep our runways and club facilities at their utmost.
A great many changes have occurred since that faithful meeting
back in 1967 extra land has been cleared to accommodate hangars.
The original club house is now a cottage used for fly in pilots
that might get stranded due to weather.
Our new club house, boast a large kitchen and dining area
along with lots of sitting area with nice comfy sofas and rocking chairs.
Its the perfect place to hold our pot luck suppers which are a great hit.
The huge bathroom has a shower stall a great conveinience for the pilots working on projects.
Outside we have our Large L shape patio with a screened in area,
which gives a perfect view of the runway.
Pilots enjoy sitting there watching the planes come and go.
I've heard comments " that the last mosquito I saw
was bigger than that last plane that landed " ;).

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