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News and upcoming Events

We look forward to our Sunday morning breakfast at the club and due to the regions weather conditions we do a fair amount of hangar flying during the winter months which seem to drag on and on...... Breakfast is an open invitation to all and if they can't fly in quite often they will drive in :) On summer days we might have as many as 10 planes from other airports on any given Sunday. Our little airport is seasonal true but from the time the grass strip is ready to be used the airport is a flurry of activity.
Febuary 16, 2002 Wings over Canada aired a piece about Havelock air field today :)
Sorry to Inform all , this event has been Canceled Due to the Warm Weather as of Late. Originally Landings were meant to Be On the Ice.. (NOT SAFE) for any landings...

For those of you who don't know - Don McClure is being inducted in Canada's Aviation Hall of fame in Vancouver 25 May 2002 for his contribution to Aviation in our region - We are having a party for him in Moncton the 15th of June 2002. It will be a roast / reception with good time expected ( truly an Aviation event )
check out the Web site - Please check it out if interested and if not able - call MFC for registration at (506) 857-3080